The Importance of Jeopardy’s Alex Trebeck

Yes, I never thought about it back in the day. Just liked it because we *did* learn things from the show. I always did like learning facts more than watching people jump up and down and scream, as they (did/do) on most “Game Shows”.

Envisioning The American Dream

Alex Trebeck Jeopardy

Alex Trebeck spent 36 years trucking in trivia, but his impact on popular culture and millions of lives is anything but trivial.

I have never watched a game show with the regularity I did Jeopardy! For several decades it was served up at dinner time in my home. Alex Trebek was the welcomed, gracious, erudite dinner guest who always had a place at my table.

For so many, the loss of Alex Trebeck feels so personal. And it should. For 36 years. this easy-going well-mannered man was in our homes like clockwork every single evening for 5 days a week. With his warm and steady demeanor, his was a presence that bonded generations. Jeopardy! was a family affair, and we were all contestants in our kitchens, bedrooms, and family rooms.

Trebeck celebrated a brand of mental aptitude rarely found on television. In the smartphone era when information is a google…

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